Sales Strategy

The Four Software Sales Strategies


I love a community bake sale. Fresh bakery and hot coffee are wonderful treats on a weekend morning. But when it comes to sales strategy, I am a bit jealous of the people working the tables. They've got EVERY ADVANTAGE baked right in to their sales model!

Maybe it would be better to bake cookies than sell software, right? Take heart! You might be unintentionally applying the wrong sales strategy to the right customer.

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Formula for Building Customer Trust in Software Sales


When asked by Gallup which professions are most trustworthy, people said: nurses, pharmacists, doctors, teachers, police officers, and clergy. The least trustworthy were: telemarketers, car salesmen, advertisers, congressmen, and stockbrokers.

It's no stretch to deduce that salespeople are not widely trusted. This is ironic, since building trust is how great salespeople work, especially in the B2B software field where so many intangible factors are at play.

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