The Most Destructive Good Advice Tech Vendors Give Business

 Technology Vendors Worst Advice

Not a day goes by that I don't see an eager technology salesperson or web marketer post a social media snippet like: Change your processes and organization so that your technology works its best!

There's no refuge from this advice. The sheer volume of it just serves to further validate it. There's thousands of carnival barkers shouting it every day. It enjoys concrete social acceptance. Is it good advice?

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The Four Software Sales Strategies


I love a community bake sale. Fresh bakery and hot coffee are wonderful treats on a weekend morning. But when it comes to sales strategy, I am a bit jealous of the people working the tables. They've got EVERY ADVANTAGE baked right in to their sales model!

Maybe it would be better to bake cookies than sell software, right? Take heart! You might be unintentionally applying the wrong sales strategy to the right customer.

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